How To Cure Your Cannabis Anxiety & Find Your Zen

If you use cannabis, you know its many benefits. If you have anxiety and use cannabis, you might have also noticed that it can have the opposite effect. This is because THC (the active compound in marijuana) can make some individuals feel more anxious or uncomfortable.

To help cure your cannabis anxiety, it’s important to understand what causes this response and how to manage it so that you can reap the full benefits of this wonderful plant without feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

Find a low dose, high CBD strain.

Find a low dose, high CBD strain.

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of cannabis that has been shown to help reduce or eliminate anxiety and other mental health issues by activating serotonin receptors in your brain. CBD strains are often preferred over THC for this reason because they can still get you high without feeling paranoid or anxious. You’ll want to find a strain with a high CBD content (usually around 20 percent), but not much THC at all—less than 5 percent if possible.

Find a quiet, comfortable place.

It’s important to find a quiet, comfortable place where you can be alone. Ideally, this will be in your home or apartment and it should be somewhere that makes you feel safe. If this is not possible, then try using headphones to block out outside noise.

Choose a location that allows for easy access to water and snacks if needed (or if available).

Allow yourself to just be.

You are going to be just fine. You are in a safe place and you have the tools to help yourself feel better. There’s no need to force an experience or rush through it, so don’t try.

Take your time and allow yourself to just be. Your anxiety will fade away if you stay in this zen state of mind for as long as possible—but it may take some practice before you can reach that level of comfort on your own.

Focus on your breathing.

Breathing is a powerful tool for de-stressing. The key is to focus on slow, deep breaths and count them as you inhale and exhale.

Let’s get started:

  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly let it out through your mouth. Count to three as you do this, then repeat for about six more breaths before taking another break from counting.
  • Once you’re comfortable with this process, add the numbers back into the equation; instead of just taking a few deep breaths without counting them out loud, try adding one or two numbers each time that you inhale or exhale—just make sure not to get too carried away!

Be nice to your mind when it wanders.

When you’re not in the middle of a meditation session, what do you do? Do you think about your thoughts? If so, then congratulations—you’re doing it right!

When your mind wanders during meditation sessions, don’t judge yourself for being distracted and thinking about something else. Don’t criticize yourself for not being able to control the direction of your thoughts. And if your mind has wandered onto something negative or disturbing, don’t worry about how long it has been since those thoughts popped into existence. You don’t need to worry about whether or not this is a sign that there is something wrong with you as a person or even as someone who practices mindfulness regularly (spoiler: there isn’t).

You can also simply recognize when these types of thoughts come up and gently guide them back towards focusing on how much better things feel when we’re meditating instead of worrying about everything else going on around us at work/home/the grocery store

Repeat this exercise multiple times during the day, and when you’re feeling anxious.

The more you practice this exercise, the better you will get at it. The more you practice it, the less anxious you’ll feel. And the more often you do it during the day, the better your overall anxiety state will be.

So don’t worry if your first attempt is a little rough around the edges—just keep trying until it becomes second nature to pause before reacting with fear. By doing so, we can learn how to manage our emotions more skillfully and find greater peace of mind than ever before!

Cannabis can help you get through anxiety if you use it responsibly.

  • Cannabis is a safe and effective treatment for anxiety, but it’s important to use it responsibly.
  • Cannabis can be addictive if you use it too much, but the risk is low compared to other substances like alcohol.
  • Cannabis is not a gateway drug, but using other drugs after using cannabis can lead to an increased risk of addiction or overdose.


If you’re dealing with anxiety, cannabis can help. It’s a useful tool for managing the symptoms and finding your own brand of peace. You just need to be smart about it. And remember, the best advice we have is to respect yourself and be mindful of how you consume cannabis. If you get good at knowing when your body needs this medicine (and taking it), then all those other tips will come naturally as well!

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