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BC Chronic Bud and Servicing the Cannabis Community Needs


How one MoM is helping to ease growing Cannabis demand during pandemic


When it rains, it pours.

That’s the adage surrounding bad luck and it wouldn’t be inaccurate to perceive the Canadian Cannabis market with the same lenses. With a lot of promises and potential, the industry’s legalization was a long reprieve for cannabis activists and medical patients looking for alternative medicines. However, like much of what the government does, they took something that Canadian citizens we’re looking forward to, legalized it, and proceeded to just butcher the execution. From day one, there we’re widespread reports of shortages and scarcity, supply chains weren’t properly establish, confusions between private and public retailers, disgusting delivery times and environmentally unfriendly packaging (aren’t Canadians plastic conscious?). To the untrained eye, these seem business as usual. To the Canadian cannabis consumer, it’s a complete failure to launch – at least properly. On top of the poor roll out of the program, the WHO declares a global pandemic and businesses are forced to close. It’s likely for this reason that people have established a love-hate relationship with on-the-ground cannabis retailers. It’s easy to feel like you’re paying an arm and a leg for product that lacks the quality you’re used to. That’s where companies like BC Chronic Bud comes into play. From day one, mail order marijuana (MoM’s) businesses like ours would play a pivotal role in mitigating the government programs that were rushed through. MoM’s have been there to support the community before 2018 and will continue to be a direct contender with physical retail locations in the future. In more ways than one!

A Stand Out Business

Mail order marijuana businesses offer what government stores simply can’t: a wider range of alternative products and flexible price point. Larger retailers are usually stuck raising their prices to cover a plethora of costs such as labour, transport, staff, rental space and much more. These issues really impact the operational consistency which has been, well, less than consistent. BC Chronic Bud is in direct competition with these stores because we offer products and prices that are hard to beat at offline retailers. We deliver across the country and there are no long line ups to get our product. You can take as little or as much time as your want you won’t feel rushed into making a selection – and trust us, we have a great selection! With items like extracts, edibles, tinctures and shroom capsules, you’ll be left wondering why you lined up at the store when you could have stayed at home this entire time, It’s been nearly two years since legalization, and while it doesn’t look like the cannabis market is failing, (Canada earned $18 million in revenue for 2018 and estimates $66 Million for 2019) the consumers have been quite vocal about the quality of the product and service their getting. Why pay exorbitant, marked-up prices for dry, half a year-old cannabis when you can get dank, aromatically pungent and fresh cannabis from a MoM? Do yourself a favour, avoid the lines, avoid the poor-quality product and inflated prices and stick with what you know works. Stick with BC Chronic Bud.

Calling Doctor Moms

Calling Doctor MoM!

MoM’s always have the answer when we’re sick, whether we’re just trying to get around going to another day of school, or if we’re genuinely sick. Before this year, I bet you’ve never heard of social distancing, at least, not in the way it’s being prescribed today. Amidst all this commotion and panic, pot sales have soared like we’ve never seen before. Mail Order Marijuana businesses like our own are no different.

Whether Covid-19 and Social distancing is forcing a new way of life and culture or not, what is certain is that delivery services like Delivery Meds are here to stay.

If you’re like us, seeing lines as long as a block or more is such a strange and unheard-of occurrence. People are lining up, trying to avoid contact with each other while trying to still live their lives the normal way. You see this with cannabis shops around the nation, line ups with stoners stockpiling, unaware of when they might make their way back to the shop. If you’re a member with Mail Order Marijuana businesses like Delivery Meds, then skipping those troublesome and risky lineups is a great benefit.

MoM’s Are Super Hero’s!

Mail order marijuana businesses like hours offers you the same eclectic variety of products you’ll find instore. The only difference is that there’s a smaller risk of becoming infected because there are less people between you and your recreational or medicinal cannabis. What’s wonderful is that you gain access to products such as rosins, shatter, hash, vapes, CBD capsules and a great variety of cannabis strains without ever having to traverse in public.

While businesses have slowly begun to reopen with caution, there are still risks associated with shopping in store. Cut all those risks out today by signing up with BC Chronic Bud. Whether you’re interested in dried flower products, extracts, vapes, capsules or more, shopping with BC Chronic Bud is the place to do it.

Register with Delivery Meds today in 3 easy, simple steps. Sign up, get approved and order your product! It really couldn’t be any simpler. Just place your order and we will deliver it.




The Best BC MoM

The Best Mail Order Marijuana in BC

BC Chronic Bud is your essential Mail Order Marijuana services for premium cannabis in Canada.  Our vision as a business is to focus on the one thing our clients care about the most: Quality. Every product is hand selected and it must meet our quality threshold standard before being listed.

We pride ourselves on our inventory catalogue and want our clients to see the BC Chronic Bud brand as the benchmark when you judge your cannabis products.

BC Chronic Bud wants to deliver the highest-grade products available in the Canada. Since legalization hit, the storefront cannabis markets have been bombarded with a plethora of complaints. Whether the complaint was that their cannabis is too dry or moldy, or that there isn’t enough supply in the market. We will always have something in stock for you to choose from and we never want to be in a position where you can’t order your favorite products.

Browse through our online catalog of over 100 products. Our inventory consists of some of the best premium products available in Canada. This includes your favorite shatters, distillates, drops, oils and topical choices. We also one of the better, if not best, mix and match cannabis program out of all the mail order marijuana services available.

Unique Services

Not only do we offer the best mix and match service, we also offer our customers some of the best regular sales on our products. This includes our very special holiday sales.

Ordering with us is simple and checkout is easy. Just add the items you want to the cart and make your payment through Interact E-transfer. This is super simple and takes minutes to send and process the order. Once your order is processed, we will ship it as soon as possible, even the same day – that’s some expedient service!

One practice that really sets us apart from the competition is our bulk-buy order. This isn’t something that is directly offered to our customers through our site. If you’re interested in purchasing more than what is listed on the site, BC Chronic Bud is more than happy to help fulfill your request. Contact us directly though our website and we will do our best to make it happen.

The truth of the matter, is that you won’t find anybody who goes as far to help customers find the treasure trove of cannabis strains. Our mail order marijuana is here to stay. Our client base is strong and isn’t going anywhere. Choose BC Chronic Bud if you’re looking for a mail order marijuana service that is dependable and covers Canada from coast to coast.

When you sign up today, you can get 15% off your first purchase. If that’s not a great welcome gift, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.





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